18% Of Landfill Is Plastic

You know how much of an issue plastic is for all the animals and us humans on this planet. And you are the decision maker that can’t face your business adding to the issue – you just know it’s wrong. So you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic mail satchels…

We know that first step can be a daunting one, but Planet Hero compostable mail satchels have not only been certified that they break down in just 3 months, but pass the ubiquitous snap-snap, rip, pull test everyone does when they get their hands on them so you know your products will get to your customers just as you intended.

Planet Hero Compostable Mail Satchels Are:

Not Plastic

Non-Plastic Cornstarch Mail Satchels disintegrate within 3 months – not DECADES!!!


“Planet Hero” completely compostable mail satchels collection are made from cornstarch. If you see 'biodegradable' or 'degradable' on other mail satchels it means they have plastic in & will break down at some point.


The satchels are made of an eco-friendly “green” ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC called cornstarch. They are Aussie certified compostable at home AS5810 or in industrial fasilities AS4736.